Reagan Nelson, Rolfer, Santa Fe, New MexicoReagan became a Certified Rolfer as a result of her previous career. She was a Chef (and still has a love of the culinary arts). Working in a commercial kitchen is physically demanding. Standing for long hours, lifting heavy pots, moving crates, stooping, squatting – in general it’s an 8 to 10 hour physical workout. She began to develop chronic pain and it was affecting her wellbeing. Her father, who had been seeing a Rolfer for his sports pain, suggested she try a session. Not knowing what to expect, she cautiously agreed. There was hope that the Rolfer would free her from the debilitating chronic pain.

After the Rolfer finished the first session, there was a feeling of energy and vitality that hadn’t been experienced for a long time. Returning to the commercial kitchen was a joy – not the drudgery it was. She became a monthly regular at the Rolfer’s clinic.

One day, while receiving a Rolfing treatment, she asked “Do you think I could become a Rolfer? And be successful at it?” He responded with, “Yes, I think you would be an amazing Rolfer.” That’s when her life changed. He pointed her to the Rolfing school in Boulder, CO and she started her journey to a wonderfully fulfilling new life.

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