Session Fees and Attire

Reagan Nelson Rolfer Rolfing, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Reagan Nelson Rolfer, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • A 55 to 70 minute session is $120
  • Package of 3 for $288
  • Package of 10 for $960
  • Discounts are available for restaurant personal — please contact for more details.

Credit cards are processed through Square. It is secure and no additional fees are applied. Cash and local checks are also excepted.Reagan Rolfing


Traditional Rolfing is performed with clients in their undergarments — and we still believe this is the best way. This allows for full access to the areas we will be working on.

Woman are usually in a brassier and underpants. It's important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Sports bra’s can restricting and are discouraged.

Men usually wear boxer briefs — they cover and are secure.

I recognize that it may be difficult to appear in you’re underwear in front of a new person, so other options are bathing suits and workout shorts. It's important to feel comfortable, so if nothing here works for you please contact me and we will discuss more options. Rolfing


The first session will be a bit longer. We will complete a health questionnaire together. We will then review any injuries, accidents, medical problems, and issues that you are concerned about.


There will be some movements and breathing exercises before we begin the treatment. This will give me a better idea of how you’re body moves through gravity. We will then transition to the table. There will be additional movements while you are on the table. During the session, you may also get up from the table and walk around.

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